Website changes

In the near future, we will be implementing a new website as this one is becoming a bit long in the tooth. We have been aware for a while that PayPal is now insisting after about 10 orders or so that customers sign up for a PayPal account so we will be introducing Stripe alongside PayPal to accept card payments. As part of the requirements for Stripe we have had to get an SSL certificate and the current website should now automatically redirect you to the https:// web address.

The new website will also include asked for functionality e.g. multi bag discounts will be automatically applied (so you can pick any combination of recipes you want), you will be able to log in using Facebook (which should help those who keep forgetting their login details), addresses will be verified on entry, a quick order page is available, you will be able to repeat your last order after logging in and a whole bunch of back end improvements that should make me more accurate and cut down on the number of transcription errors between your order and dispatch from the suppliers warehouse.

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in the new website please contact me (clicking this link should work)

Edited 15/06/17: Current website now redirects to https:// , quick order page and repeat last order after logging in added