Fish and Potato 1 x 15kg Duck and Potato 1 x 15kg Working Dog Food

Both of our 100% grain and cereal free recipes available in a variety pack for all sporting and working dogs who like a bit of variety.

Fish and Potato Working Dog Food 1 x 15kg

Fish and Potato with Allergy-X® is designed specifically for sporting or working dogs with allergies and very sensitive tummies. This product sits at the top of the tree in terms of digestibility and decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction.

Formulated with a blend of hydrolysed fish (predigested, proteins are already broken down into constituent amino acids), fish meals and fish oil to help promote digestibility and support a hypoallergenic response. Formulated without Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Soya, Dairy, Eggs, Yeast and there is no added wheat!

It is formulated without any cereals or grains of any kind, using hypoallergenic potato and pea as a source of vegetable carbohydrates and fibre.

Contains Allergy-X ® - a unique blend of herbs which may help alleviate “allergic signs such as itching, hair loss and mucky ears”.

Duck and Potato Working Dog Food 1 x 15kg

A Hypo Allergenic Cereal Free and Grain Free food with Duck as its primary protein source, ideal for any sporting or working dogs that have shown an allergy to more traditional dog foods or for owners who want to eliminate grains and cereals from their sporting or working dogs diet, maybe because their sporting or working dog has a sensitive stomach.

Cereal Free and Grain Free foods are suitable for any sporting or working dog that shows an intolerance to more traditional ingredients, this may show as a sensitive stomach.

Duck as a protein source can be useful for sporting or working dogs who need a novel protein source after having developed an intolerance to more traditional protein sources such as beef.

Although more expensive per bag, Grain Free and Cereal Free Duck and Potato 15kg bags are available.

Feeding Guide

Adult Weight
Grams per day of Duck and Potato

1 - 5kg
35 - 115 grams per day

5 - 20kg
115 - 330 grams per day

20 - 30kg
330 - 445 grams per day

445+ grams per day

Please ensure a bowl of clean fresh water is ALWAYS available.

2 working day (typically) courier delivery included in price.

Price: £65.92 including VAT @ Zero Rate
£65.92 including VAT @ Zero Rate
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